What is in your kid’s lunch box?

It is that back-to-school time and we are furiously searching for the perfect container for our little tots to take to school.  I have been doing this for quite some time and I know it is a struggle to find the perfect container.  What do I look for?  Easy to wash, easy for the kids to open, reusable, keeps foods fresh, and can fit in the lunchbox.  How do I split this up?  I have specific storage containers for specific food groups.

1) My first group is Sandwich Days.  Sandwiches can include wraps, pita, burritos etc.  So during Sandwich days the kids take a container that is sectioned.  One section is for their sandwich, another fits the fruits, and the last fits the snack.  It is a perfect easy way to keep all your foods fresh and separate.  It is easy to wash, reusable, and very easy for the kids to open.  This is oh so economical and BPA free!

sandwich containers,ziploc


2) My second food group is Soup, Pasta, Rice, Salad Days.  This includes anything that should stay warm, is liquid, or should stay cool.  My mom used to pack my lunch daily and would always give me soup in my Thermos.  So when I started packing lunches of course the first thing I bought was a Thermos for my kids.  So I use a Thermos to pack all kinds of warm foods.

kids thermos, kids lunch

So this is great for the warm stuff but what about the snacks and fruits?  I use again the ziploc small round and square containers in 2 different sizes so that they will fit different shaped snacks, fruits, and veggies.  Again these are very economical, easy to wash, easy to open and close and have lasted me forever.


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