Lice in Hair!!! Oh NO

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You get that dreaded call from the school.  Can you please pick up your child from school, they have lice.  Not only do you get that phone call the entire class is then notified that a child in class has lice!   The embarrassment.  Well we have to push that aside and help your innocent child get rid of those pesky bugs.    This weekend I was lucky to get to attend the Natural Expo East Show last weekend and started talking to Fairy Lice Mothers, a natural solution that eliminates lice.

I am always looking for natural solutions and Fairy Lice Mothers provides just that.  They have a kit that includes a Mousse, Shampoo, and Lice Removal Wand.  Their products are pesticide free and non-toxic and is 99% effective.  What more can you ask for!  At least we now have a natural alternative to lice removal.  Thanks Fairy Lice Mothers!


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