How To Detangle My Kids Hair!!

This is so frustrating.  Your daughter has a head full of beautiful hair but those knots and tangles can become a major nuisance.  What easy remedies do you have for the perfect detangler?  A major Celebrity Stylist told me a simple trick that works fabulously.  Mix your every day conditioner, about 2 tbsp, with 6 [...]

Victoria Beckham’s Baby Harper in NYC

Victoria Beckham and 2 month old Baby Harper were spotted in NYC a few days ago!  How cute is she!  Mommy has come over to attend the Fashion Week shows this week.  This is the fourth and only girl for David Beckham and Victoria Beckham.

I Need a Quiet Hairdryer!

Sleeping baby and loud hairdryer just don’t go together!  We have scoured the market for the quietest hair dryer that will not disturb a good slumber and we found it! also agrees!  The Cricket Q-Zone Hair Dryer is the perfect hair dryer for every new mom.  The Q-Zone Hair dryer has a patented energy- [...]

NY Readers! Pamper Mom at The Plaza Beauty!

Find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or bring in your loved one for a day of pampering at The Plaza Beauty in NYC. Join experts from sought-after brands like Kimiko, Alchimie, Smashbox, Ky Bae, JUARA, Juliette Has a Gun and Rancé Fragrance for a Beauty Retreat featuring tips, treatments, trunk sales and more. On [...]