Q&A: When Should I Start Infant Massage?

Infant Massage can be enjoyed by all babies from ages 6 weeks and up.   I would suggest that you start the Baby Tata routine at about 6 weeks of age and then continue with it until you feel that your baby has graduated from the traditional infant massage.  When you start at 6 weeks [...]

Infant Massage Technique of the Day

Dancing- Tata Play Technique During the summer months do something fun like turn your favorite music on really loud (I love the 70s!) and dance away.  Although I have a dance segment on the Baby Tata DVD I really wanted to stress the importance of dance in normal play activities.  It really excites babies and [...]

Infant Massage Technique of The Day

Shampoo- Infant/Baby Massage Technique Take your baby in your lap or lay them on the ground.  Take your fingertips and place on the top of their head.  Gently make swirls on their head just like you are shampooing their hair.  Your babies will love this one.  Shampoo helps to relax and calm anxious babies. Scalp [...]

When Can I Perform Infant Massage?

When should I perform the Infant Massage?”  Ever since I started Infant Massage Moms are always asking me this question!  My answer is that it is up to you and your baby’s schedule.  But of course that is not enough so here is some more insight on my experiences.  Traditionally in India, the midwives perform [...]