Kardashian Sisters Pregnancy Dilemma

So which Kardashian sister is going to get pregnant first?  Insiders are reporting a cat fight brewing in the Kardashian sister circle.  Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim are reported to all be trying to pregnant.  We all know that Khloe has been trying for some time with no success.  It is said that she is depressed [...]

Beyonce’s Baby Bump

I know this is old news but I had to confirm that Beyonce is 100% pregnant per my reliable sources.  There are rumors about how far along she is but the bottom line is she is pregnant.  What do you think this Jay Z/Beyonce fusion will be like.  I can only imagine!

“Zoop” Around Town with the Zooper Bolero

In a few weeks, my family and I will welcome Baby #3 into the mix. Like many of my friends, I thought 2 kids was plenty, and I gave away the majority of my baby gear after baby #2 outgrew it all. 4 years later, I’m back, pounding the pavement, looking for the best stroller [...]