Safe Non-Toxic Nail Polish, Finally!

Does your little girl want to do her nails just like her Mommy?  Are you concerned with the chemicals that sit in those little nail polish bottles.  There has been so much debate on nail polish.  What chemicals do they put in those bottles and are they unsafe for us.  After research  I have finally transitioned to formaldehyde free nail polish but honestly who knows what the other chemicals are in nail polish.

piggy paint natural nail polish, kids nail polish

For our little ones we want zero risk.  Piggy Paints is a natural, non toxic, odorless, water based formula nail polish made just for little ones!  The nail polish is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone.  Wow that is a long list and so worth it.  The colors are fantastic and your girls will love them.  I see a different color on each nail.

So let’s put it to the test.  I put a coat of the Piggy Paints last night and loved it.  The colors are fantastic.  I will say that they do chip easily so you may want to invest in the Piggy Paint topcoat if you want the polish to last.  For our girls it is all about the look for a minute so longevity may not be a concern.

Tiny Tillia Baby Photo Search Contest

Tiny Tilla, Avon, Baby search contest

Could your baby be the next Tiny Tillia Baby?
This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!  Tiny Tillia is Avon’s newest brand of loveable designer baby clothes and accessories for infants up to 2-years-old. We’re looking for an adorable baby to feature in an upcoming Tiny Tillia Storybook.  Enter today for your chance to win!  It’s EASY to enter. Complete the Tiny Tillia entry form and upload a photo of your cute baby, aged newborn to 24 months.  Enter Now!

What are the Prizes?

Grand Prize: Professional photo appearing in an upcoming Tiny Tillia Storybook and a $5,000 savings bond for the winner and his/her Avon Representative.
1st Prizes: 10 cuties win an assortment of designer Tiny Tillia products valued at $300 and the winning pictures showcased on
2nd Prizes: 25 sweeties will enjoy an assortment of designer Tiny Tillia products valued at $75 and the winning pictures showcased on

Enter Today!

Jessica Simpson Pregnant

jessica simpson,jessica simpson pregnant, jessica simpson baby

I knew it would happen soon!  I just got word that Jessica Simpson is reportedly pregnant with her first child with her fiance Eric Johnson.  Our mega empire diva was supposed to be married in November to Eric Johnson but word on the street is that they have postponed those nuptials.  Can you picture this little bundle of joy!   Tons of hair extensions, fab hair, and a voice you would die for.

Selma Hayek’s NY Stroll with Valentina

salma hayek, celebrity kids, valentina

How cute is Valentina Pinault strolling with Mommy dearest, Selma Hayek.  Valentina Pinault turned the big 4 last week and has the Swarovski crystals to prove it!  Enjoy birthday girl.

Niki Taylor Gears Up for Baby #4

niki taylor, celebrity baby, niki taylor baby 4Niki Taylor, our generations’ model maven is gearing up for Baby #4 due to arrive in November.  Niki already has twin boys age 16, daughter Ciel 2 1/2, and now can’t wait for number #4.  We have heard that Niki is going to be blogging her experiences with having baby #4.  I can’t wait till this starts.  You will definitely get updates from TotBell!

Lice in Hair!!! Oh NO

lice removal, kids lice removal, lice

You get that dreaded call from the school.  Can you please pick up your child from school, they have lice.  Not only do you get that phone call the entire class is then notified that a child in class has lice!   The embarrassment.  Well we have to push that aside and help your innocent child get rid of those pesky bugs.    This weekend I was lucky to get to attend the Natural Expo East Show last weekend and started talking to Fairy Lice Mothers, a natural solution that eliminates lice.

I am always looking for natural solutions and Fairy Lice Mothers provides just that.  They have a kit that includes a Mousse, Shampoo, and Lice Removal Wand.  Their products are pesticide free and non-toxic and is 99% effective.  What more can you ask for!  At least we now have a natural alternative to lice removal.  Thanks Fairy Lice Mothers!


Jennifer Garner with Baby Makes 5

Jennifer garner,ben affleck,celebrity baby,pregnancy,celebity pregnancy

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are officially expecting another baby in the Winter of 2012!  Along with their other girls Seraphina 2 and Violet 5, this baby with be the 3rd.  So what do you think a boy or a girl?

How To Detangle My Kids Hair!!

detangler, homemade detangler,conditioner, tangles,kids tanglesThis is so frustrating.  Your daughter has a head full of beautiful hair but those knots and tangles can become a major nuisance.  What easy remedies do you have for the perfect detangler?  A major Celebrity Stylist told me a simple trick that works fabulously.  Mix your every day conditioner, about 2 tbsp, with 6 oz of water and put in spray bottle.  Shake it up and spray on hair.  You will have made a great detangler in the mater of seconds.  Don’t have a spray bottle?  You can use any old spray bottle that you may have from other products.  Wash it and reuse!

Jazzy Toes are TOO Cute!

jazzy toe socks, baby socks

A few weeks ago I was attending a wedding and our friends brought their little bundle of joy.  She was about 4 months old and just the cutest thing ever!  This little baby was the talk of the wedding because not only was she adorable she was wearing the cutest socks that looked like shoes.  She was wearing these too cute Jazzy Toes socksJazzy Toes come in so many different looks and everyone, I mean everyone can find a look that they will fall in love with.

Victoria Beckham’s Baby Harper in NYC

Victoria Beckham Harper, baby harper, david beckham, celebrity baby

Victoria Beckham and 2 month old Baby Harper were spotted in NYC a few days ago!  How cute is she!  Mommy has come over to attend the Fashion Week shows this week.  This is the fourth and only girl for David Beckham and Victoria Beckham.